Technical information and price list

Everyone with their own AS number can use the service. It is up to the individual members to agree on peering and form a peering agreement with each other

Speed Optical transceiver
1 Gbit SFP
10 Gbit SFP+
25 Gbit SFP28
40 Gbit QSFP28
100 Gbit QSFP28

Interrested parties are responsible for:

  • Arranging crossconnect from Mila
  • Supply the correct optical transceiver. The optical module must be compatible to Cisco Nexus equipment
  • Sign the paperwork for the order and pay NRC and monthly fee
  • Upgrade or downgrade is possible, and the member pay the mothly fee for the more expensive port that month and change fee according to the price list

    Vodafone assigns one IPv4 address with /26 subnet mask and one IPv6 address with /64 bit subnet mask for each connected port.

    Traffic will be untagged.

    There is the option of a SIP interconnect between members. The SIP interconnect is on a separate vlan with the .1q tag 588 and each member gets one IPv4 address assigned.

    QOS is applied to the port and SIP traffic, SIP traffic should not exceed 10% of the total bandwidth of the port, an 15% strict policier is applied

    The IP network supplied by Vodafone belongs to Vodafone Iceland AS12969 but are not routed to the global internet table.

    Vodafone will filter on Ethertype 0x800 (IPv4), 0x0806 (APR) and 0x86dd (IPv6) - maximium of 2 MAC addresses are allowed on the port (sticky) and a request must request purge if needed.

  • Only routing protocol allowed is BGP
  • Only one MAC address should be on the port in normal operations, two are allowed if changes are being performed.
  • No Layer2 protocols are allowed, e.g. LLDP,EDP,CDP,STP
  • Proxy-arp and ICMP redirects should be turned off.
  • No IPv6 ND-RA
  • Quarantine procedure is performed with new connections
  • Peering traffic should be exchanged, nothing else.
  • Pricelist (not including Icelandic VAT)

    Type of service NRC MRC
    1 Gbit port 25.000 ISK 16.000 ISK
    10 Gbit port 25.000 ISK 16.000 ISK
    25 Gbit port 25.000 ISK 20.000 ISK
    40 Gbit port 25.000 ISK 30.000 ISK
    100 Gbit port 25.000 ISK 40.000 ISK
    SIP vlan 15.000 ISK 4.500 ISK